VII Drivers


MATTR VII has security, flexibility, and resilience baked into our architecture at a fundamental level. VII Drivers are pre-configured integrations to MATTR VII that identify key areas where flexibility and optionality are a must. They allow our capabilities to be extensible over time, preventing vendor lock-in and enabling user choice.


VII Drivers offer pre-configured integrations that make MATTR VII pluggable and future-proof. They are typically surfaced to the user as pluggable parameters in our VII Core. We’ve defined a few key areas where this level of choice and agility are desirable. Driver interfaces we currently support include:

DID Method Support Key Management Support Storage Support
Choice and transparency of key DID tradeoffs and privacy guarantees Pluggable crypto suites to support a variety of cryptographic applications and use cases Consistent integrity protections and encryption guarantees around data, wherever it’s stored

To explore this optionality, find out more about how these Drivers impact the functionality in VII Core.