VII Core -- Component overview


MATTR VII is built around a set of modular and flexible building blocks known as our VII Core. These are the raw tools needed to establish digital trust. Though these capabilities will be made more effective and efficient over time, they will also remain fairly stable as the basis of MATTR VII. Our VII Core is built with several important principles in mind, including privacy-by-design and the 10 Principles for Digital Identity.


VII Core is designed as a set of simple APIs that are available for all of our users, with operational tools and documentation. These consumable capabilities can be used to create solutions for end-users, as demonstrated by our VII Extensions, and they work natively with our Developer Tools which provide additional interfaces to enhance the developer experience.

VII Core is organized into the following set of features

DIDs Messaging Verifiable Credentials Verifiable Presentations
Globally unique, highly available, and user-controlled digital identities Distributed and secure messaging between decentralized identities to safely share information Secure digital credentials to support a distributed data model of issuers, holders, and verifiers For data holders to securely and privately disclose data from their digital wallet

Dive deeper into these features to learn more or check out the API Reference docs to get started.