A digital wallet is an application that holds digital versions of documents and assets, which are referred to as credentials. Digital wallets allow users to keep their credentials safe and accessible, as they can selectively share them with others both in person and online. It is a critical component of any trust ecosystem.

The MATTR GO wallet is a ready-to-go app, built on the MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit. It wraps all of MATTR's technical and user experience expertise in a custom branded solution which requires no coding.

In conjunction with our MATTR VII verifiable credentials platform, it takes all the complexity away from creating a true state-of-the-art digital trust ecosystem.


  • Core Functionalities: Users can scan, tap or click to obtain and present credentials using QR codes or deep links.

  • Private and Secure: A good digital wallet must be designed with privacy and security in mind. That is why our MATTR GO wallet:

    • Relies on local device authentication features (PIN, facial recognition and fingerprint) to manage access.

    • Creates high assurance verifiable presentations based on cryptographic authentication factors.

    • Preserves privacy by informing users exactly what information is shared and with whom.

    • Supports selective disclosure as some credentials can reveal only relevant information when presenting them to verifiers in certain contexts.

    • Verifies issuer's domain using DID-to-Domain credentials.

  • User First: A digital wallet is only useful if people are able to easily interact with it, and enjoy their user experience. That is why user experience is at the heart of our MATTR GO wallet:

    • Based on a visual-first approach, with clear signposting and iconography to represent interactions and consent-driven information sharing.

    • A simple and accessible onboarding flow introduces users to basic features and allows them to immediately start using the wallet.

    • Push notifications allow users to receive updates or start a verification workflow.

    • An interactive activity tab allows users to easily monitor when were credentials collected, shared or revoked.

    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) are applied in the wallet, focusing on assisted navigation, signposting and labelling, colour and contrast, touch zones and text size.

  • Interoperability: Different organisations use different technologies and applications for their verifiable credentials journeys:

    • Like all MATTR products, the MATTR GO wallet runs on open standards with interoperability at its core.

    • Users can collect and share credentials from any compatible issuance system, including support for OpenID4VCI and VP Request specifications.

    • Multi-platform support for iOS 12.4 or higher and Android 8 or higher.

  • Make it Yours: With MATTR support, easily make the wallet look and feel like your brand:

    • Use design tokens to set the app name, fonts, colours, custom imagery and more.

    • Include your own terms and conditions.

    • In conjunction with MATTR VII, allow issuers to customise their issued credentials with logos, colours and watermarks to mimic real-life credentials.

    • Allow users to only claim credentials from authorised issuers and/or authorised credential type(s).

    • Use our built-in multi-language support, or upload your own additional language files.

    • Increase users' trust by publishing your wallet app under your own app store account using your app signing keys.

Device Requirements

Refer to the MATTR Wallet documentation for a list of supported operating systems, versions and mobile devices.


When you choose the MATTR GO wallet, you’ll get access to our easy-to-use guides and templates. Our design experts will work with you to bundle your assets and re-skin the wallet, so you can quickly distribute it directly to your users.

Contact us to get your copy of the white labelling guide.