MATTR GO -- Overview


MATTR GO is our white-label platform. Built with our MATTR Pi toolkits, it enables customers to benefit from MATTR's technology and design expertise while customising the user experience with their own branding, colours, typography and more.

MATTR GO makes world-class verifiable credential holding and verification experiences immediately available to businesses in a wide variety of implementations, including pilot projects, testing, and production systems.


  • Quick, Simple and Efficient: MATTR GO solutions are accompanied by step-by-step guides, pre-built templates and support from MATTR experts to ensure everything is ready to go. No coding is required and development costs are minimal.

  • Make it Yours: MATTR GO solutions can be easily customised to use your logos, iconography, colours and other visual assets to facilitate user trust and engagement.

  • Solid Foundations: MATTR GO is built on MATTR Pi, which guarantees all solutions are secure, consent-driven and easy-to-use, relying on MATTR's expertise on cryptography, verifiable credentials, user experience and more. Our commitment to interoperable solutions means you will always stay up to date with the latest verifiable credential technology and architecture stacks.

  • Interoperability: Like all MATTR platforms, MATTR GO is built on open standards and designed to work with the latest technologies and specs. This allows applying our solutions across multiple industries and use cases. Our support teams work with customers to create an experience that's perfect for them.


  • MATTR GO Wallet: This wallet wraps all the technical and user experience expertise of our MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit in a custom branded solution with no coding required. Refer to the MATTR GO Wallet documentation for more information.

  • MATTR GO Verifier: Coming soon!

Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and packaging for MATTR GO are based on a number of variables, including your need for credential profile(s), volume and active users. Each package is tailored to the needs of your ecosystem as it evolves and is designed to be augmented with add-on capabilities from both MATTR VII and MATTR Pi

Contact us to discuss the best option for your business.